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Well CSA’ers -things are growing at incredible rates here and you can really see the shift in seasons as the cool spring crops start to seed and the roots and heat lovin’ veggies move into the spotlight.  Can you believe how big the beets have gotten after just 2 weeks?  We are working on getting a recipe page up and running so that you can search by veggie for new ideas in the kitchen. (CSA’er Sarah Farahat)

Beets-steam or grate raw into a salad

Curly Endive-

Collards-steam or saute with onions and garlic

White Currants-soothing on the stomach (they are delicate so eat soon or freeze) Sour- toss into a salad or simply mash with a little honey or sugar-add to yogurt or a topping on ice cream.  Currant jam is quite delicious

Salad with Nasturtium Flowers

Arugula Flowers- toss on as a garnish -sweet and spicy



Bay Leaves- Harvested by Mel’s mom in SW.  Add to soups or sauces for flavour

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