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Wk 7, July 1

garlic – greenish. To prepare cut entire bulb and fibrous shells will separate from clove.

bulbing fennel

parsley or cilantro

Salax mix



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Wk 6 , June 24

Happy Summer! Sun indeed. Here’s the solstice share. . .

Currants- red and cream, enjoy the tart anti-oxidant rich berries raw or throw them in your hot cereal with honey,  or they’re great cooked down as a compote.

Peas – Snow and snap! Yum crunch.

Cilantro Flowers – Overwintered cilantro has gone to seed and the tops taste more like coriander, the seed of cilantro.  Cook them for 5 minutes in your grain dish or whatever for a flavorful bite.

Green garlic – This is the stage of he garlic is due for harvest in about 3 weeks. The shells are just starting to harden up.  Stalks can flavor your soups.

Parsley or cilantro

Herb bunch – Sage, chocolate mint, lemon balm, mint, thyme, lavender

Salad mix – This is the last round until summer lettuces that will be ready in a couple weeks.

Chard – Hope you like it because it’ll be here almost weekly for the summer.  Kale coming soon too.



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Wk 3, June 3

Spinach or Chard


Spicy Mustard

Turnip (half share)


salad mix or head lettuce


green onion

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