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Wk 5, June 24 CSA Harvest

Happy Summer!   Hope you grabbed a coffee sample from Portland’s Cellar Door Roasting company.  Coffee share available.  Jeremy, a CSA member will be emailing you with more details.

List o’ veg:


Cilantro – With the big bunch, pesto! Pares well with mint too.


Salad Mix – The flowers are edible nasturtium flowers that are interplanted with the tomatoes.



Garlic – Just a few weeks away from harvest, all of the protective shells are not  fully formed so it won’t store as long.   Sweeter at this stage.  You’ll be getting garlic most weeks from here on out.

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Wk 5, June 17 CSA Harvest

I’m finally getting to it, posting the blog that is.  The fields have all of me, but I know it’s important for you to know what’s in the box.  So, here it is.  I’m shooting for posting by Tuesday from now on.  Sorry!

First a little update from the big farm happenings.  Here’s a feel from this week: Sunday mom’s, sisters, brothers, and friends lent many hands to the farm.  Burlap sacks were placed under the irrigation and farm resident Helane mulched the main path which adds a clean fresh look:)  We also weeded the relentless grass seed that  is losing hold in some places, yes!  I’m really excited about the on-site mulch source of buckwheat cover crop and other flowering brassicas.   Ethan pulled up the largest buckwheat bouquets I’ve ever seen in my life and carried them like a sack of potatoes a few rows down to the cucs.  Now that bedwill retain water, grass seed won’t grow, and soil biological life will thrive.   We also started tomato trellising as some of them are flopping at 2-3 feet tall.  Some beans are soaking that will go in the winter squash patch. The farm is vibrant indeed.

A few announcements:

1. Next week, June 24th we’ll have our first monthly potluck on wednesday.  We can enjoy the farm and I’ll show you the crops.  We’ll dig in at 6:30.  I’ll still have the boxes ready at 12noon if you can’t come to the potluck.

2. Half shares will only get half of the goodies but larger amounts so you don’t get just 1 or 2 beets, but enough to cook something with.

3.  NEW COFFEE SHARE AVAILABLE.  CSA members with Local Cellar Door Roasting will offer a coffee share.  If you’re a drinker, take a sample next week and pricing and volume will be discussed from there.  It’s delicious, really delicious.

4.  Like other CSA’s, I’m going to put broccolli in only half of the shares each week in order for there to be enough.   The plant doesn’t produced enough weekly.  So if you got a little this week, take a box without it next week and vice versa.

Kale – The same red russian variety as last week. Some plants vary becauseit’s a unique seed from last year’s Portland backyard gardens.  I enjoyed a raw kale salad with my farmer neighbors’ from Diggin’ Roots the other day.  Chop it up and massage with your hands and vinegar, salt, and/or lemon.  We added grated apples, olive oil and a little salt. Yum!

Mustard – This mild mizuna called kyoto has quite a kick from the heat.  Cooking it takes off the edge.  It brings a nice zest to your lettuce salad mix.

Beets –  Multi-colored baby beets.  Great size for steaming or roasting whole.  Greens can be used like chard.  Next round of beets will be larger because these were pulled up.  Delicious chopped small and sauteed with greens and coconut oil.  (Member Sarah Farahat cooked this up last night after a days work on the farm:)

Carrots – Baby carrots from the greenhouse.  Thumbelina and baby nantes varieties.  My guess is they’ll go quick.  The greens can be added to salad or used for soup stock too.

Fava Beans – These were one of the earliest planted spring crops back in March.  Peel the pod and add fresh to salads or cook up with olive oil.   Some may need the outer skin removed as well. Check out the link below


Salad Mix – This crop was interplanted in between the potatoes.  One 10 lb harvest and tomorrow we’ll flip them over along with some soil to hill the potatoes.  Dill is delicious with the lettuce.

Cilantro – Pairs well with mustard.

Dill – There’s infinite amounts in the fields because it surprised us and popped up from Farmer Will’s planting last year.  Blend with garbanzos or white beans and make a nice spread for sandwiches or dip.

Snow Peas – Yellow and green.


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Wk 4 CSA Harvest Pic

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Workparty June 13 and 14th-Check out Photos!

Evan and Will. .. harvesting green things

Evan and Will. .. harvesting green things

Erika and Evan enjoying lunch under trailer awning

Come on down this weekend and join the fun gettin’ your hands dirty!  Activities range from weeding, planting, bed prep, and hacking down monster plants to open up planting space.  Snacks are provided, including snap pea grazing in the fields.  They are sweet oh so sweet.  Check out the photos(attached) of this beautiful spot along Johnson Creek.  Come for an hour or five.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

June 13, Saturday 10:00-4:00pm
June 14, Sunday    12:00- 5:00pm

9313 SE Stanley, Milwaukie 97222
Park cars in lot North of Big white farmhouse 9311 SE stanley

Weeding. . .some progress made:)

View from the barn of apple tree, peas and roses

Lots and lots o' tomatoes, many are green

Erika and Evan enjoying lunch under trailer awning

Travis king of horse poo!

Travis king of horse poo!

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wk 4, June 9 CSA Harvest

Harvest of the week:

Salad mix – 20 varieties of lettuce washed and ready.


Dill – Great for yogurt sauces with minced garlic and lemon.  Add a dollup to your beans and rice or as an aioli on your sandwich.

Fennel (bulbing) – Chop for you salad or roast with the turnips!

Peas (snap and snow) – I tried to save some for you as I was harvesting:0 Great fresh eating as a snack or stick them in an omelette with dill and greens.

Turnip – Last week on the turnips.  I’ve enjoyed them sliced fresh in salad.




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